Privacy Policy

Surza is committed to respecting the personal information of all the visitors to its website. We promise to keep your personal details fully confidential and use it sensibly without disclosing to any outside party. Regardless of how you access, browse or shop on this website, your information is held secure on our servers. All third party organisations dealing with our payment gateway, distribution etc are under stringent obligation to keep your private information strictly confidential. Moreover, Surza likes you to be the first to receive news and exciting deals about our products and services through SMS, email, phone call or social media.


As cookies are specific tiny text files that are installed in your devices when you visit our website to assist our computers to identify your devices and to provide you special features like product recommendations, holding chosen items in your shopping basket between your visits, personalised content, quick click purchases etc., all ecommerce sites use them for your convenience.

We use cookies for purposes like identifying when you login to to pamper you with said special features, delivering appropriate content, your shopping preferences in each category, need-based advertisements, track your shopping basket, improvising security of transactions, and for further Research & Development. In all these, cookies help you to take advantage of Surza’s shopping features. If in case you reject or block our cookies then you will not have a pleasant shopping experience like signing in to Surza, adding new items to your shopping basket, proceeding to checkout, or avail other services. To shop at you should enable all cookies on your devices for happy shopping.